Hi There!

I’m Aakash Patel and I'm a Full Stack Developer!

Aakash Patel


Gmail Tables

I was not familiar with chrome extensions, so I wanted to give it a try...

Nuxt Canvas

HTML canvas is itself a very good topic to learn, this was client demo project. He asked me to make a canvas demo using Nuxt Js which is SSR Vue Js Framework

PortFolio Site

Personal site built with GatsBy Js

Real Time Job Management

The platform for managing tasks for the workers in a real time. The statistics, billing and graphs to analyse the data efficiently.

Users Insights App

The portal is for a users persona to understand them in a better way. It also includes various types of animations, surveys, Avatar & Gamification.

Aakash Patel

Hi There!

I'm a Self-taught Full Stack Developer and Blogger. I started web development in 2018, I love to work with React Js, Gatsby and Node Js. and now JAM Stack Development has cought my eyes. 😎😎

I’m Aakash and I’m a Full Stack Developer!

Aakash Patel

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